AshBuild Chemical and Hazard Containment Construction and Buildings 

Chemical and Hazard Containment


Concrete Bunds

Bund Walls are built to contain leaks and spills of substances such as Chemicals, Oils, Acids and Solvents.   We regularly construct concrete bunds to meet very stringent standards.   

  • Tested and passed by the EPA before handover to the client.
  • Design and Construction or Construction only.
  • Chemical resistant coatings to existing bunds.
  • Bunded yard slabs with underground interceptor and sampling tanks.

We can break up and remove existing redundant bund structures.   We can provide all documentation for testing, treatment, transport and disposal of material.


Chemical Stores

We construct chemical stores on bunded floor slabs with masonry or mass concrete walls.   

  • Storage of toxic or volatile chemicals
  • Masonry or mass concrete construction
  • Explosion proof if required
  • Galvanised steel doors and vents.
  • Atex Rated.

We have constructed storage silos for very volatile chemicals with explosion proof concrete walls, doors & vents, where the roof is designed to fail in the event of an explosion.


Underground Concrete Tanks

We can install underground concrete tanks to your specifications.

  • Pre cast tanks or poured in-situ
  • Water storage
  • Surface water run off
  • Hazardous spill containment
  • Chemically resistant concrete as required
  • Testing and commissioning

We can take care of all connections, pumps, pipe trenching etc.


Allow us to quote you on your requirements